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Band Leadership Team


Charms Office is an extremely useful website that has all up-to-date information regarding the calendar, student’s financial records and other various resources.

You can access it by going to

Your “Parent/Student Login” is “randallhsb” (no quotation marks). This will take you to a general page with a number of different resources.

You can enter your Student ID number for more individualized information.


Band Pictures

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  • JR9157Resized
  • JR9158Resized
  • JR91512Resized
  • JR9156Resized
  • JR91510resized
  • JR9155Resized
  • DL9152resized
  • JR9154Resized
  • JR9152Resized
  • DL9151Resized
  • JR9151Resized
  • DL995Resized
  • DL993Resized
  • DL991Resized
  • DL992Resized


Band Contest Results