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School Mission

Randall High School
“Community of Learners”
Belief Statements


We believe…

that all students can learn and all teachers can teach.
that applied learning is the key to success.
that students must be prepared to meet life’s challenges by receiving a relevant, purposeful education.
that individual students must be challenged academically to their highest potential.
that Randall High School graduates must be equipped, motivated, and committed to be life-long learners.
that students and teachers must be provided a safe environment in which to learn and teach.
that a positive, supportive and equitable environment must exist for learning and employment.
that the Randall High School community will be a place where everyone will be given the opportunity to be cared for, accepted and respected.
that high standards of appropriate behavior must exist to guarantee every student an education free of infringement by others.
that parents must be an integral part in assuring that their children are challenged by taking the most demanding courses possible.
that learning is enhanced when there is effective communication among parents, teachers and students.
that Randall High School students and faculty must strive for direction and support from the community in an educational partnership.