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TSI Testing

Success Center
Library Basement, Washington Campus
9-5 Monday – Thursday, 9-12 Fridays
Individual tutoring for Reading & Writing TSI
Judy Isbell, 371-5423

Rapid Review
Math review, 8 hour session on scheduled days, 8 am-12 noon and 1 pm – 5 pm
Collin Weatherspoon, 371-5142

TSI Information

The TSI tests are part of the Texas Success Initiative, a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college. There are two components of the program. The first is the assessment of students’ basic skills in reading, mathematics, and writing. The second is developmental instruction to strengthen academic skills that need improvement. So if students do not score in the college-ready level range on one part of the assessment, High Schools are now required to offer them remediation to help them become prepared for college-level course work.

Colleges use the TSI scores in a similar way: to make sure students can handle Freshman classes. If not, students are placed in a class that matches their skill level. Remediation in college, however, usually means taking and paying for class that is not going to count towards a degree. With the high price of tuition, it is understandable why the state wants students to get fully college ready while still in High School.